A good translation can bring your business much credibility, and the time spent correcting a bad translation can sometimes end up costing you a lot more than having it done by a professional in the first place. That's why at SCI Translations Ltd., all our translators are experienced and qualified professionals, working into their mother tongue, integrating cultural adaptations where necessary, making sure the document produced reads like an original written in the target language, rather than a stilted translation from another, sometimes remote language.

We always prioritise using the right translator for your document, meaning that your document will always be translated by a specialist professional who can understand your business and will make the document meaningful to anyone in your industry.

Whether your document is in the field of finance, medicine, manufacturing or business, - or just about any other subject you can think of - we have the right person to translate it into the required language. Not only all the usual European languages, but also more unusual languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese and so on.

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Simultaneous Interpreting Consecutive Interpreting Interpreting Booths & Equipment
SCI Translations Ltd. benefits from numerous years of experience in simultaneous interpreting, working only with qualified professionals...
Consecutive is ideal for smaller round table meetings, factory visits, conference calls, interviews, etc. where only 2 languages are spoken...
Interpreting booths can be necessary in some cases to make your conference run smoothly. The simultaneous interpreters listen from their booth...