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The team behind SCI Translations Ltd. benefits from years of "hands-on" experience in technical translation of documents on subjects ranging from medicine to oenology, banking to sewage treatment (and every possible field in between!) and conference interpreting in the UK and Europe, with prestigious references such as UN agencies, the WHO, the EU, African Union and other renowned clients from the corporate and industrial worlds.

Try us out! You will see that our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the profession and the market enable us to truly adapt SCI Translations Ltd.'s offering to the needs and expectations of our clients, at a fair price.

We are a small team based just outside London, priding ourselves in offering unrivalled reactivity and flexibility in the services we provide.

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Written Translation Simultaneous Interpreting
A good translation can bring your business much credibility, and the time spent correcting a bad translation can sometimes end up costing you a lot more...
SCI Translations Ltd. benefits from numerous years of experience in simultaneous interpreting, working only with qualified professionals...
Consecutive Interpreting Interpreting Booths & Equipment
Consecutive is ideal for smaller round the table meetings, factory visits, conference calls, interviews, etc. where only 2 languages are spoken...
Interpreting booths are essential to make your conference go smoothly. The simultaneous interpreters can listen from their booth to the speaker & translate...
Additional Information

Language translation service

Given the global nature of commerce in the 21st century there are more and more times when collaborations between organisations from diverse countries and cultures occur. As long as all the participants are fluent in the same language, usually English, there are no problems. It is only when there are a number of people who are unable to communicate in each other’s native tongue or a common language, that help is needed. We are highly experienced in providing bespoke solutions for just such occasions as well as a full range of administrative services when you need documents produced in another language and wish to make sure that they do not embarrass your company by being littered with mistakes or even worse, cultural faux pas. If you take a few minutes to look through our site you can see what we are able to offer and the type of clients that we have experience in working with. There is no nebulous company mission statement to be found in the pages but were we to try to express what our firm’s core aims are then they would be value for money and accuracy. In our business you cannot afford to be sloppy.


Professional translation services from any competent business will not come cheap but at the same time we feel it is our duty to streamline our business model in order to be able to offer the most competitive prices possible. For any type of work that we are asked to provide a quotation for we will always base the figure on using the most appropriate members of our team. They will obviously be completely bilingual in the relevant languages but we also make sure they are familiar with the industry that our clients operate in so that they will be aware of any specialist vocabulary pertaining to your line of work. There is a section on our website where prospective customers can fill in details of the work that they would like us to carry out and we will get back to them as soon as possible with a comprehensive quotation based on these details. Alternatively you may request a quote by getting in touch with us by telephone, email or post. Simply go to the contact section of the website where you will find the necessary details. The more you can tell us the more accurate our quote will be.

Document translation services

One of the most common problems that companies engaged in international trade come across is understanding the documentation that they receive from foreign organisations and producing their own letters and certificates in the native language of the people that they are dealing with. Whilst many people are capable of getting the gist of a letter written in a foreign language and writing something that will get their main points across to their business partners, it is all too easy to make small mistakes that can have a major effect on the meaning of a sentence, unless you are thoroughly conversant with the nuances of the language in question. Any member of our team that is assigned to work with your company on such projects will be translating material into their mother tongue and so be fully aware of any possible pitfalls. Looking at English we can see that it has a wide vocabulary that needs to be used with care as words with similar meanings are often inappropriate in certain situations. Unless the target language is one that you grew up with then it is exceedingly difficult to reach the level of competence needed to express yourself clearly in it.

Simultaneous interpretation

German translation services and interpretation of Spanish and other European languages form a large part of our work although we also have experts able to assist with more exotic languages such as Arabic, Korean and Thai. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve with complete accuracy which is why with any job of this nature that we take on we always provide two interpreters for each language so that they can work together, listening to the person speaking and simultaneously talking into a microphone that broadcasts the interpretation into headphones worn by other attendees at conferences and business meetings. When there are a number of different languages being used at one meeting it is often a good idea to use interpreting booths to house the professionals dealing with each language. We are more than happy to advise you on the best set up for your requirements and supply the necessary equipment on the day. Our technicians will be on hand to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to iron out any last minute problems. As with our other services, all members of the interpreting team will be picked for their knowledge of your particular industry.

Consecutive interpretation

French translation services from English are always in demand in this area and with the other services that we provide. Consecutive interpreting is useful for smaller meetings and one-on-one conversations that take place in situations such as tours of foreign business partners’ facilities or conference calls over the telephone. Once the speaker has finished what he or she is saying our interpreter will translate and summarise the key points into the desired language. In situations where there are only one or two attendees at a conference who do not speak a common language, we can provide interpreters to stay with them at all times and provide summaries of everything that is being said during appropriate breaks. This service works well for informational meetings where instant responses from delegates are not required. If you are unsure whether simultaneous or consecutive interpretation is the best solution then please feel free to call us and a member of staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the best course of action. Ensuring that all our clients are completely happy with the services we provide is important to us, so any advice that we give is always based on your best interests.

Professionalism and accuracy

A free translation service from various online organisations is available where you can paste in a chunk of text, click a button and then see the results almost immediately. Unfortunately as these websites use programs to translate from one language to the other they are rarely accurate and often make no sense at all. In our opinion professionalism and accuracy are the two key aspects of any successful service dealing with the interpreting of languages for commercial enterprises. There have been many examples throughout history where ineffective interpreters have made embarrassing mistakes, even those employed by presidents addressing foreign governments. When you choose to use us you can be sure that our team have been thoroughly vetted and have many years of experience so there will be no embarrassing misunderstandings, whether communicating verbally or using the written word. We are confident that you will not find a more professional service or one that offers such competitive prices and any quotation we provide is completely free of charge and comes with no obligation to avail yourself of our offer. This applies to all our services, whether you are looking for Japanese translation services in a conference setting or Chinese document production.